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Retail price guide for American Silver Eagles, based on eBay completed sales.

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The table of US Silver coin values are for circulating coins that contain 90% silver coins.I have literally thousands of 40% silver Kennedy halves, but I have not come across any 1970s.Filed Under: Coin Values Coin Melt Values in May 2014 Drop as Silver Loses Ground.

May 1, 2014 by Current Coin Values Silver Coin Melt Values ended April 2014 in negative territory as the silver market continued its slump into a second month.For more information about specific coins, visit the homepage and click on the links.During the last 3 years of the Barber half dollar series (1913-1915), output of the coin from the Philadelphia mint was relatively small.Filed Under: Coin Values Franklin Half Dollars, and Other US Silver Coins, Saw Melt Values Rise 2.2%.Filed Under: Coin Values Silver Coin Melt Values Down for March, But Up for Quarter.I also have lots of old nickels, dimes and quarters and one 1920 penny most in mint condition.

We offer Royal Canadian Mint collectible coins, silver, gold and provide selling values on.Detailed information on American Silver Eagle bullion and numismatic issues.

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Hourly updated Silver Coin Melt Values are provided for popular U.S. silver coins listed in the following grid.This significant drop was more than enough to wipe out the gains realized in values at the close of last quarter.The most popular way to buy silver is in the form of bullion bars, but silver coins are also widely available and can be an attractive.Market Conditions Drag Silver Coin Melt Values to Four Year Low.The silver coin calculator provides the weight and current scrap or melt value for your silver coins.

I have 22 JFK coins 1965 to 69 and 4 statue liberty liberty 1942 40, 41, 44 Ben Franklin 1962.The key here is that the Confederacy only existed from 1861 to 1865 so an 1851 date would definitely indicate you have a fake or fantasy piece.The New Orleans mint made 632,000 Barber halves in 1897, but few of these coins were saved in collectible condition.Walking Liberty 1 Oz Silver Rounds. great way to stock up on silver at a good price.

Buying Silver Bullion. Silver,. rounds and bars of the same weight because they have a collectible value on top of the value of the silver contained in the coin.Our comprehensive values database is regularly updated by a team of expert analysts to guide the valuation of your favorite coins and collection.

Fantastic site to determine bullion value in every coin denomination. Error Coins Price Guide.NGC provides historical coin melt values, coin price information and a.

Those made afterward, except for certain 1976-S halves, are made from copper-nickel clad and are worth face value if worn.

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Purchase silver coins from the US Mint including US annual silver proof sets, silver quarters, silver dollars, and 1 and 5 oz silver coins.No portion of may be reproduced or copied without previous written permission.

Rare Coin Price Guide Basic Price Guide and Values for US Rare Coins, Gold Coins and Silver.The value of these coins is tied directly to the price of silver.Filed Under: Coin Values First Full Week of October Finds Silver Coin Melt Values Dropping 0.6%.I have seven coins that i have been holding on too, can you help me with these coins.Only 390,000 Barber half dollars were made at the New Orleans mint in 1892, and most no longer survive.Find original release information, prices, mintage data, and commentary.

These circulated copper-nickel Kennedy half dollars are all worth face value and are safe to spend if you wish.

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The prices used in this guide are for premium quality coins and may vary from actual prices if your coins are sold.

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With a Beautiful Design Modeled after the Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin,.The 1776-1976 Kennedy half dollar, which in this case has no silver and is worn, is worth face value.Explore melt values of world silver coins including Canadian coins and Mexican coins.Those watching silver and the associated melt values know that the precious metal lost over a third of its value in the year.Match your US coins to the pictures and find silver dollar values,.

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This is probably one of the most popular Franklin half dollar varieties and is one that many half dollar collectors want.Based on what I see in the photo, you have a nice collection of modern coins.